is correctly used as a preposition instead of except when it follows not (or another negative) or always:

• His comprehensive knowledge of the Lakes stood above that of all the men of his time, not excepting Wordsworth —J. Sloss et al., 1984.

An alternative, though less usual, construction is…Wordsworth not excepted. Examples of uses in which except would be preferable are:

• ☒ Faith had left all her jewellery, excepting mother's pearl and ruby eternity ring, to Dorothea Shottery —Susan Hill, 1969

• ☒ More than other governments, excepting that of the Soviet Union, they developed cultural policies designed to defend culture and French culture in particular —R. Gildea, 2002.

Worse still is to use excepting in this way followed by a that-clause:

• ☒ I cannot describe it excepting that it was one of the most wonderful things I ever saw or heard in my life —history website, BrE 2003 [OEC].

Modern English usage. 2014.

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